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Practical use in schools of what allready exists

I'm writing a text in swedish to send to some schools in my area,
hoping to get some schools to accept to try out GNU/Linux, and
installing it for them before the next semester.

It will be tips and suggestions of how to use computers in schools
today, just using what allready exists in GNU/Linux, and making use
of functions like e-mail, word processors etc.

I guess you have someone working on such a text allready.  My thought
is that I could be looking at that, writing my swedish version (wich
I need rather soon), and then later translating tha parts I've
written that aren't in your text.
  Who should I talk to, or is it in any archive or anonymous cvs?

My notes so far includes a layout for use in the three levels of
swedish base-school, 7-9, 10-12 and 13-15 years.  The first divided
into write-language education and mathematics.  There will also be a
section on usage for the teachers.

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