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Re: Practical use in schools of what allready exists


I am just getting started.  I am very busy at the moment.  I have some
handwritten outlines that are sitting on my desk waiting to be typed.  

I am not actually at the end of my semester (about half-way through) -- we
go until July.  I am just furriously writing tutorials, homework, quizzes
for 4 classes because my school thought it would be a good idea to start a
computer curriculum, but they forgot to allocate money for teaching
resources <GRRR>.
(I should give my materials over to the open textbook group and I should
look and see what they have).  

I also had a hospital visit lately (knocked myself out for 5+ minutes or
so) recently and I have been sleeping a lot lately and trying to stay
prepared for classes.  

At the moment this unfortunately puts this project at the lower end of my
list (it doesn't feed me).  I will type up the outlines, put them on the
list.  Let people review and make suggestions (hopefully, volunteer to
write sections), etc.

As Doug mentions I will be looking for anyhelp I can get.  Doug's
suggestions are important.  Include all the problems, solutions and
successes.  People learn well this way.  As soon as I have the outlines
done (and we agree on what would be useful), I think it will be clear how
people can help with this part of the project.  I will try hard to get to
them soon.