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Re: Practical use in schools of what allready exists

> I also had a hospital visit lately (knocked myself out for 5+ minutes or
> so) recently and I have been sleeping a lot lately and trying to stay
> prepared for classes.

We hope you will recover quickly

> At the moment this unfortunately puts this project at the lower end of my
> list (it doesn't feed me).  I will type up the outlines, put them on the
> list.  Let people review and make suggestions (hopefully, volunteer to
> write sections), etc.

In this moment I'm writting a kind of report about the installation of
GNU/Linux as a  workstation in the Taipei European Schools computer
labs. The document will deal with general architecture plan of the
network and with the solutions we set up (with script examples). Also it
will cover the technical problems and which solution we find (in the
In the non technical point it will explain why we choose GNU/LInux and
the political problems with the UK school of the campus we got making
such a choice, but we find agreement of course.

I'm writting it in french, may be, Bill, you can read it ? Or someone
can translate it. I will put a copy of it in the Drgeo home page, let 's
say in 2-3 days