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Re: Practical use in schools of what allready exists

Fredrik Liljegren wrote:
> I guess you have someone working on such a text allready.  My thought
> is that I could be looking at that, writing my swedish version (wich
> I need rather soon), and then later translating tha parts I've
> written that aren't in your text.
>   Who should I talk to, or is it in any archive or anonymous cvs?
Bill Tihen is working on educational HOWTOs, but like many of us he's
coming toward the end of the semester and has other pressing
obligations.  I'm sure that he'll be more than happy to accept any help
he can get on developing these.  Note: That's not addressed to Fredrik
alone.  Here's a place where we can all have some useful input.  Contact
Bill and find out what help he needs, then write up something for him. 
I suspect that case histories of how you've installed and/or used Linux
in the classroom or computer lab would be particularly useful.  When you
do such writeups, include mis-starts, mistakes, and screw-ups.  Also
include what you did to rectify those problems.  I find that I, at
least, usually learn more lasting lessons from my mistakes than from my

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