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Re: [seul-edu] [Forwarded Mail] OpenSource-FreeSoftware-GNU/Linux presentation for Dummmies?

On Tue, Apr 15, 2003 at 02:09:39PM +0100, mba-candidate@myrealbox.com wrote:
> Coverage: How about something like Gimp / Povray / GnuCash /
> Window-Managers

Gimp: Yes.

Povray: Almost definitely not.  Too complicated, not 'generally' useful enough.
  (Probably wouldn't hurt to simply mention such a thing exists, though.)

GnuCash: Yes.

Window-Managers: Probably not.  Not a major concern when starting off.

Some things to also add:

  Apache / PHP / Zope  (At least mention how free & easy it all is)
  Mozilla & friends

I've helped do some "Intro to Linux" style classes with a local organization
(these topics are a little _too_ simple for the general audience of our
Linux User Group meetings, who typically want really geeky, down-to-the-metal
technical talks).

Here's some links:


They're REALLY basic, but should give you some ideas.

> and perhaps some ideas on best way to do hand-on demo ?

Knoppix. :^)  Burn a ton of disks and hand them out.
GNUWinII might be good, too.

Good luck!


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