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[seul-edu] Survey of national FS in education projects

Hello all,

I am conducting a research for Latvian goverment on how free software is
used in education in countries all over the world. I have created a
preliminary survey form that I would like all of you to fill out as soon
as possible. The finansial support for Latvian Linux in Education
project (EDULAKA) is closely related to this survey. I would like to ask
everyone who has the knowlege, to participate in the survey, and I
highly encurage you to contact persons responsible for FS in EDU project
in your country and ask them to fill out this form.
I have decided to do the survey for two weeks and gather the results
after that. I will announce the results to these lists after that.
The questions are mostly asked by our goverment to determine the
govermental policy, but some are added by us, to get some points, that
are interesting to us.

Please forward tis email to all forums, not listed in To or Cc, that are
appropriate for the message.


Thank you very much for your time!

Best regards,
    Aigars Mahinovs        mailto:aigarius@debian.org
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 |    : :' :         Debian GNU/Linux    &         LAKA         |
 |    `. `'       http://www.debian.org     http://www.laka.lv  |
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