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[seul-edu] Eval targets for ISO project Phase 1

OK folks, here are eight applications for us to look over and do a
preliminary evaluation for their scholastic usefulness:

AbulEdu <http://www.abuledu.org>
Alumni-Online <http://alumni-online.sourceforge.net>,
asigna <http://structio.sourceforge.net/asigna/>
Bessie the Annihilator
BJS <http://bjs2.sourceforge.net/>
carnegie <http://john.tunison.net/code/carnegie/>
Createusers <http://www.lfsp.org/users.html>
DETA <http://www3.ncsu.edu/dox/deta/index_old.html>

AbulEdu, asigna, and BJS are in French, Spanish, and German,
respectively; the rest are in English.  If any of you are already using
one or another of these apps in a school, say so right away.  That app
will have defacto passed our Phase 2 eval.  Otherwise, look at the
websites, try out any demos available, and then give us your Phase 1
evals of them.  If you're moved to actually install an app and test it,
so much the better; if you pass it then it will have passed Phase 2.

I'd like to be able to say yes or no to these apps for Phase 1 by
Friday; there are a _lot_ of apps for us to go through.  Please,
everyone, try to take a look at these.  It won't take you very much time
and it's a task we greatly need to accomplish.

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