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[seul-edu] A new approach to the ISO evals

I've been taking a few weeks away from the day-to-day discussions on the seul-edu mailing list (for personal renewal reasons), but I'm back now. I notice that we haven't really gotten any farther with our evals of educational software for the ISO project. I've proposed a few methods of getting participation on this in the past, none with a noticeably great effect. So I'm going to try yet another method.

Previously I've asked people to volunteer to evaluate applications in the various categories in the SEUL/edu Educational Applications Index <http://richtech.ca/seul/>. That has met with only limited success. The new approach will be different. I'm going to pick a handful of candidate apps and post them as a list here. I'll ask _everyone_ on this list to look at them and do a Phase 1 eval of them <http://www.seul.org/edu/Phase1.html>. Post your opinions here. After a few days to a week, we should have a good idea of whether an app meets Phase 1 requirements. We'll then toss out a few more apps for the next iteration of the process. I'll post the initial list later today.

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