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OpenClassroom - A GNU/Linux distribution for Education.

Ladies and gentlemen:

I think this announcement might be of interest to the members of this list. 

According to the info file new subscribers get:

"..We don't intend to create a new Linux distribution targeted at schools 
(although we would support such a distro if one became available) but to 
coordinate the discussion and development of educational things for Linux."

Therefore, I would like to request your support in our endeavor to bring a 
simple-to-use Linux distribution to the Education market worldwide.

- - - - -

The (http://www.openclassroom.org) OpenClassroom Initiative is developing a 
Linux-based disribution focused on the educational market.

Why targeting the educational market?

- The challenge for educational institutions and governments is to offer their 
students access to updated ICTs (Information and Communication Technology) in 
order to make education relevant in today's Digital Economy.

- The educational markets willingness and ability to pay per-user license fees 
is decresing. This presents a tremendous opportunity for an OpenSource solution 
like OpenClassrooms.

The OpenClassroom Server is based on GNU/Linux and OpenSource packages that 
deliver specialized functionality such as:

- Content Filtering
- Grading
- Back-office applications
- K12 Admin functionality
- Mailing list management software
- Publicly-available content (Project Gutenberg, etc.)

Why using GNU/Linux and OpenSource?

- For many countries, especially developing nations, commercial software is very
 expensive. Using GNU/Linux and OpenSource software, those countries can 
download the software, modify it to suit their needs, make unlimited copies, and
 no hard currency flows out of their countries.

- By following the OpenSource model we will be able to offer our target market 
the most cost-effective (not just FREE) solution to their challenges.

- By making our toolset freely available it will be widely distributed and 
installed quicker and thus deliver a larger user base than would otherwise be 
the case should we have not followed the OpenSource model.

The OpenClassroom Server is not dependent on any specific type of _client_ PC 
and will work with any modern PC: Windows 95, 98, NT, any flavor of UNIX and 
recent Macintosh systems.

In addition to the Server, we also offer the OpenClassroom Client for users of 
older PCs

(down to 386s, and old Macs). The OpenClassroom Client is provided by a partner 

The Volks-PC Initiative. For more details please visit its website 

So, what happens if these OpenClassroom folks go out of business? All our work 
will be OpenSource and publicly available under the GPL. If we fail, other 
members of the OpenSource community can pick up where we left and continue this 
initiative. This scenario (taking the baton from a fallen or stalled OpenSource 
group) has been played out before (successfully) in the OpenSource community.

You can find a brief summary of who we are, and

what we want to achieve in 
(http://www.openclassroom.net/news/news_releases/release_1999_08_05_pdf") PDF 
format from our website.

For a more technical look, please check 
(http://www.openclassroom.org/developers) our Developers' corner.

Please direct any further queries to
(brendon.grunewald@openclassroom.org) Brendon Grunewald, Chief Rainmaker.

- - - - - - - - - -

Jose C. Lacal  -  Chief Vision Officer
OpenClassroom.org  - http://www.openclassroom.org

=> Bringing the power of OpenSource to Education.