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Re: Docs Question

Thanks Robert,

This will get me started on CVS from the look of things, but now I would like to know more about making HowTo's.  Someone said their is an offical format -- I went to LDP site, and couldn't find anything on formatting -- except that they use SGML-tools.  But nothing about a good SGML formatting program.  (I am not excited by the prospect of learning SGML).  

I also noticed that none of the HowTos have any pictures.  I plan on making these tutorials with pictures -- real tutorials for real beginners and non-linux folks who just want to learn to be productive.

Any ideas.  Should I just use LyX, HTML, RTF or AbiWord?  Any preferences?  If I use LyX, it looks like it only likes ps files, but HTML only likes gifs and jpegs.  That seems problematic to me.  I assume AbiWord is out -- too program specific -- RTF?  I guess this is why sgml-tools would be good -- but how do a I easily create an sgml document?

Bill Tihen