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roster is at 0.8.0 (major revamp, generalizations); roster URL changed


I have updated roster to 0.8.0 (note increment of minor number: it means the
database format has changed). I will upgrade the web page to suit, soon.

Some hilites:

- classes now key on campus+term+intraCampusClassID
- roster no longer tied to one department or school
- all databases that make references to classes now use the same key to do so
- a download can include previous terms, classes in other depts or campuses

So far, merge and mk-logins work, at least for start-of-semester.

I'm about to test it today on a real download. In the process, I will be 
getting the other more peripheral stuff going, like class printouts, emailing
to teachers, databases for teachers to use for gradebooks and master printouts
and databases. At that time, I will release a roster-0.8.1.


The roster project URL has changed slightly to allow downloads of the code
again (oops :). 

First, the main Roster page is at 


The feature list is at 


and the current status is (well, will be shortly) at


In addition, I have a to-do and volunteer request page at


One more: the download area is now re-established. Please use http only! 
We allow no ftp! But, you can get to the index at



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