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roster is now at 0.8.1 (was Re: roster is at 0.8.0 [snip] )

> Date:    Fri, 20 Aug 1999 08:08:47 PDT
> To:      seul-edu@seul.org
> From:    jim@mercury.laney.edu
> Subject: roster is at 0.8.0 (major revamp, generalizations); roster URL changed

Replying to myself :) well, it's good news, at least to me :)

> Hi, 
> I have updated roster to 0.8.0 (note increment of minor number: it means the
> database format has changed). I will upgrade the web page to suit, soon.


> I'm about to test it today on a real download. In the process, I will be 
> getting the other more peripheral stuff going, like class printouts, emailing
> to teachers, databases for teachers to use for gradebooks and master printouts
> and databases. At that time, I will release a roster-0.8.1.

Released. Many things fixed. Did download, then went back and sewed up 
the rest. Class printouts and databases now work again, emailing thereof
looks like it will work (will test shortly), and master documents are up.

Will be looking today to check a sample of accounts to see if the servers
let them in.


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