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Re: Docs Question

On Fri, 20 Aug 1999, Bill Tihen wrote:

> Thanks for the outline Steve.  This will help me get started.  

No problem.

> I agree that images are a key ingredient -- especially for what I need
> to do for my school and what I would like to do for the start of
> EDU-HowTos. 
> Does anybody know enough SGML to help me add this to the spec and to
> SGML-tools or should I just do HTML or RTF?

Looks like LDP is working on switching to the DocBook DTD (as opposed to
the current, image-free, LinuxDoc DTD).  DocBook looks significantly more
complicated than LinuxDoc, but it does contains graphics tags (like
<InlineGraphic>).  The home page for DocBook is:


> I don't know how to include ps since the image files are so different. 
> What image types does RTF include? 

RTF = Rich _Text_ Format.  I don't think any image files are supported.  I
could be wrong, though.