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Re: Docs Question

On Fri, 20 Aug 1999, Bill Tihen wrote:

> This will get me started on CVS from the look of things, but now I would
> like to know more about making HowTo's.  Someone said their is an
> offical format -- I went to LDP site, and couldn't find anything on
> formatting -- except that they use SGML-tools.  But nothing about a good
> SGML formatting program.  (I am not excited by the prospect of learning
> SGML). 

I don't think you'll have a lot of trouble writing in SGML, or at least
not using the LDP doctype.  SGML is a very powerful formatting language,
but the DTD (Document Type Definition) can be very simple.  HTML itself is
an SGML DTD.  The LDP DTD will be considerably simpler than HTML. I'll
attach a basic outline of a debiandoc SGML document below. 

I don't have the specifics on the LDP doctype, but I believe that
debiandoc is very close to it.  I think they just added some tags like
<package> for marking names of debian packages.

I can run conversion programs like debiandoc2ps or debiandoc2html to
convert from SGML to other formats quite quickly.

The lack of an image tag is a pretty serious drawback.  It's all text-only
as far as I can tell.

Steve Tonnesen.

<!doctype debiandoc system>
<title>Title Here</title>
<name>Author's Name</name>
<version>Version number of document</version>
One paragraph abstract here
Copyright &copy; 1999 Joe Blow
Chapter Title
First paragraph of chapter
Second Paragraph of chapter
Section Title
First paragraph of section
Second paragraph of section
<item>First Item in list
<item> Third