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Re: [seul-edu] Our math discussion - Docs

On Sun, Jul 23, 2000 at 12:09:29PM -0700, lp wrote:
> Sometime in the past Roger wondered whether or not SEUL should
> install a WIMS server, and for this project I think it would be
> very useful. I can try to host a forum at Cochise called "SEUL Math
> Teacher Guide" for the working drafts until SEUL can get one up
> and running (or in case it isn't possible to host a WIMS server at
> SEUL.) Our server is not a big server, but I think it would
> handle a reasonable amount of traffic. 
what's the main bottleneck for a wims server?

i can stick it on a dual p5/166mmx with 224 megs of ram and oodles of
bandwidth. or with some more work i can stick it on a dual piii/550
xeon with a gig of ram and oodles of bandwidth. i'd much prefer the

and if somebody wants to volunteer however long it would take to set
up to, well, set it up for us, that would be keen. we're a bit low on
administrative manpower this month.

mail me or doug.