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Re: [seul-edu] Our math discussion - Docs

Roger Dingledine writes:
 > > install a WIMS server, [...]
 > what's the main bottleneck for a wims server?

it depends on the exercices students and other visitors want to
perform. For 3d ray-traced surfaces, the bottleneck is clearly
processor speed, and secondarily memory size. If visitors use
quiz-type exercises, or the interface for exercises creation, it
relies heavily on cgi, so the bottleneck may be disk access speed.
When animated GIFs are created, another bottleneck may be bandwidth.

 > i can stick it on a dual p5/166mmx with 224 megs of ram and oodles of
 > bandwidth. or with some more work i can stick it on a dual piii/550
 > xeon with a gig of ram and oodles of bandwidth. i'd much prefer the
 > former.

Both are very usable. Watch the stats to see if the server is not

 > and if somebody wants to volunteer however long it would take to set
 > up to, well, set it up for us, that would be keen. 

I've installed two WIMS servers from my seat on distant machines with
no root access. I just need a user account, and two e-mail exchanges
with the root of the distant machine, one before the installation, the
second at the end. The administrator of the distant machine has
roughly half an hour to work.