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[seul-edu] Re: quiztg: quiting quiz task group and SEUL-EDU

On Tue, 1 Aug 2000, Daniel P. Kionka wrote:

>I am dropping out of SEUL-EDU, and since I was officially leader of the
>quiz task group, I thought I should let everyone know.

Dan you were very helpful!
Please, don't delete your pages on quiz surveys.

>I was interesting in developing or helping with a quiz system because I
>was teaching an online computer science class at a community college. 
>After doing a few classes I decided that I never want to teach an online
>class again.  I obviously lost interest in quiz software as well.

Me too have quit education some time ago, but I still hope that
my project will come true. (The itch to scratch  has  gone  but
the obligation to community didn't).

>My last comment is something I said before and most people disagreed
>with.  Don't bother creating the world's greatest stand-alone quiz
>system.  No one is going to use it.  It must be part of a complete
>system with a bulletin board, email, enrollment, grading, personal web
>sites, etc.  I used WebCT for my classes, and now I am too spoiled to
>ever consider a non-integrated package.

I still don't agree.

There must be a standalone backend engine. And let frontends be
integrated to whatever app it  is  needed.  Yes,  it  could  be
advertised  and  packaged  together  with  some  community-ware
software and look like "integrated".

The power of UNIX is coming from the possibility  to  construct
complexes by combining simpler tools. Or lets rename SEUL
to SEUW2K ;-) 

Sincerely yours, Roman Suzi
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