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[seul-edu] [Fwd: (FWD) The Homeschool Times - e-Zine - August 1, 2000]

I'm forwarding this because I know we have some homeschoolers here.  This isn't really directly
appropriate to our purpose, but if anyone wants to promote what we do here to them, be my guest.

Roger Dingledine wrote:

> i got this as spam, but hey.
> --roger
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> From: drsalzman@homeschooltimes.com
> Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 14:37:39 -0400 (EDT)
> Subject: The Homeschool Times - e-Zine - August 1, 2000
> T H E   H O M E S C H O O L   T I M E S   E - Z I N E
> (service of The Homeschool Times)
> AUGUST 1, 2000
> Home schooling families have an enormous appetite for solid and safe educational resources.
> Unfortunately finding those safe resources takes the kind of time and effort that few home schooling
> families can afford to give. That is what this e-Zine is about! We want home schooling families to
> have access to the finest educational resources available with just the click of a mouse. Our goal is
> to serve the home schooling family; to make your endeavor a successful and enjoyable one and to
> provide you with up-to-date articles and outstanding educational web sites.
> ===================================================
> 1. Homeschooling: Real Revolution
> 2. Want Socialization? Home School Your Children!
> 3. Learning . . . In Spite Of Learning Disabilities
> 4. Encouraging Self-Motivated Learners
> ===================================================
> 1 - Homeschooling: The Real Revolution By Samuel L. Blumenfeld
> "Homeschoolers are, without question, revolutionary; they are making a clean break with the statist
> institution of government education. It is government-owned and -controlled education which is the
> very foundation of the secular state which exerts its power by molding the minds of its youngest
> citizens to serve the mythical state. "
> continue... http://homeschooltimes.com/ezine/times/index.htm#1
> 2 - Want Socialization? Home School Your Children! By James Dobson
> Dont you think home schooling might have a negative impact on the socialization process? I dont
> want my children growing up to be misfits.
> continue... http://homeschooltimes.com/ezine/times/index.htm#2
> 3 - Learning . . . In Spite Of Learning Disabilities - A Parents Guide By Betty Ann Davis
> 22 practical directives to help your children learn.
> continue... http://homeschooltimes.com/ezine/times/index.htm#3
> 4 - Let's Get Motivated! by Tamara Eaton
> While some children are more naturally self-motivated than others, all have some degree of inner
> motivation (although it may not be obvious at first). All children also need training to help them
> become more responsible and self-motivated learners.
> continue... http://homeschooltimes.com/ezine/times/index.htm#4
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