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Re: [seul-edu] Basic Linux Class


I will take up your offer, I have intended to take a day or at least
half a day off from my day time job to attend LinuxWorld and help at
your booth.  I will write to you direct with details.
Thanks for the opportunity.


Bill Ries-Knight wrote:
> Emilio,
> I will CERTAINLY make space for you at LinuxWorld.  If you
> have a flyer you want to distribute, just bring it by.  If
> you would like to spend some time at the Booth, I will get
> you an EXHIBITOR badge for LinuxWorld expo.  If you have an
> HTML type of document, we will try to add it to our PLANNED
> cd.
> Colette and I have thought about it and we WILL attempt to
> build a CD to distribute, but we do need to have the
> communities input.  A FREEEBIE to all.  Closing is sunrise
> MONDAY, August 7th.  We will ATTEMPT to get a product
> together.
> Bill
> Doug Loss wrote:
> >
> > Emilio Gerardo Milian wrote:
> >
> > > I would appreciate your help to get the word out about a Basic Linux
> > > Class at the South San Francisco Adult Education for the Fall Semester.
> > > Location: 825 Southwood Dr, South San Francisco, Ca 94080
> >
> > This is something that should be frequently mentioned at the SEUL/edu booth
> > at LinuxWorldExpo, I think.
> >
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