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[seul-edu] Next Linux in education report--any volunteers?

I'm leaving for vacation on August 10 and will be gone till the
24th.  During that time I don't plan to be internet-connected, or at
most only occasionally.  The next Linux in education report is due
on August 14.  I need someone to do the write up and submission of
it.  I can prepare a template and drop in the stuff that's obvious,
like the educational software links and the reference to another
educational website, but the news about Linux in education that
comes from this mailing list and whatever else I notice around the
net is something else again.  I'll be happy to describe what I
usually do for whoever volunteers to write this, and I'll set up a
way to get it uploaded to the website and linked in.

So who's it going to be?  Step right up!

Doug Loss                 God is a comedian playing
Data Network Coordinator  to an audience too afraid
Bloomsburg University     to laugh.
dloss@bloomu.edu                Voltaire