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[seul-edu] Re: [ebook-device] description of "K-12 Pad"

Ray, I agree.  I wish Harry or someone from OSEF) could
possibly meet us in San Jose.

Ray Olszewski wrote:
> Just took a quick look at the Open Source Education Foundation site, on this
> page -- http://www.osef.org/k12.html -- was the following desctiption of a
> product that OSEF is "now in the process of designing" --
> "The K12 Pad
> "The K12 Pad is a waterproof and impact resistant portable computing device
> designed for students of all ages. Students can use the K12 Pad to take
> notes, do homework, hand in assignments, and use the Internet. Rugged in
> design, K12 Pads will offer schools an economical way to move towards
> becoming paperless."
> Not sure if the Star-Trek allusion is intended or coincidental (those
> handheld displays they always use are called PADDs), and it's not clear how
> much substance, how much vapor, is behind this description. But if OSEF has
> really addressed some of these durability issues, its designers might have
> some hints for us.
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