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[seul-edu] Math Teachers guide - Table of Contents, Preliminaries

Here's the link to the current Table of Contents and the 
Preliminaries section. 


There is more coming soon. For those of you who do not see 
your links listed yet, if you look at the Table of Contents 
you can see where they logically will might appear. If you 
want to send me a note about what topic or topics your links 
should fall under, then that would be much welcomed. 

Most of our discussion has focused on Linux as an inexpensive and 
viable alternative to existing solutions to math ed software. 
In addition to covering all that, I decided to 'up the ante' and 
push Linux as an operating system that is also capable of 'state of 
the art' applications. I was surprised to find out how many schools
are already doing this. I think this is really one of the strong 
points for using Linux.

I'd like to know what everyone thinks about this. I'd also like to 
know if the claims are too much, if the links support the claims, etc. 
I've shown this to a few 'objective' math educators and so far they
seem intrigued.

L. Prevett
Mathematics Instructor
Cochise College, Sierra Vista, AZ