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[seul-edu] (FWD) AT LinuxWorld now

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Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 18:52:34 -0500 (CDT)
From: <jknox@www.llamacom.com>
To: seul-edu@seul.org
Subject: AT LinuxWorld now


This is Jeff reporting from the Seul booth right now. I have two computers
setup at the Seul booth and 1 at linuxhelpers.org. You can change that
Bill if you need. By setup I mean plugged in and on the tables,etc.. This
machine is networked, I will try and setup networking on the other two
before I leave tonight. The booths are pretty spiffy looking :P. Thanks to
Eugene for all the time and effort he has put in today helping me get
these machines setup. I guess ill see you all tommorow (whoever is going
to be here anyway).

Jeff Knox

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