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Re: [seul-edu] Back from vacation!

Dear Ray and Seul Folks:

Thanks for your questions and insights!  I have responses below.........

At 05:19 PM 8/19/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Three things to clarify --
>1. You show, in printcap on the print server, this entry: ":lp=/dev/lpo:\".
>Is lpo a typo for lp0, or are you doing something trickier?

Yes, this is a typo -- it is lp0

>2. How are you running lpd on the print server (direct or via inetd)? What
>happens if, from a workstation, you run "telnet Linux-36 515"?

I assume that I am running lpd direct.  I read that lpd is not normally run
from inetd.  However, I have not done anything to set it up to start
automatically.  I assumed that it would start when sent a print job. If I
need to use inetd, it is a bit different in Red Hat than other distros, I
think. It runs throught the rc stuff (I think).  Red Hat has a command to
open a "check box" selector screen for inetd, although I forget the
command. It is not in the manual. 

When I run "telnet linux-36 515" from the workstation, I get
	connected to Linux-36.
	escape character is '^]'.
	lpd:lp1: malformed from address.
	connection closed by foreign host.

This looks like a good clue!!!

In the Red Hat graphical printing queue on the workstation there are two
lines for my test print jobs waiting, but there is also the following:
	RANK -- lpd: 
	OWNER -- lp1:
	JOB -- 0
	FILES -- name for your address
	SIZE -- (

I noticed the lpd: and lp1: here....?

>3. On Linux-36, does the directory "/var/spool/lpd/lp" exist? With what
>ownership and permissions? What happens if, as root, you run the "lpq"
>command on Linux-36?

Yes, the directory exists. Ownership is root. Permissions did not include
"Write Entries". However, I have now checked them all -- just to be sure.
When I run the "lpq" command on Linux-36, it gives me the message "no

I also tried the command "lpc status lp" on Linux-36 and received the

	queuing is enabled
	printing is enabled
	no entries
	no daemon is present

This looks like an interesting clue!

I sure appreciate your help on this!!!