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[seul-edu] Network Printing Solved! (Back from Vacation)

Thanks to Ray and Ramon and everyone else!

I finally got the network printer to print.  I tried Ramon's suggestion, and
came up with a peculiar reading.  Then, as per Ray, I looked for  lp0 and lp1
in printcap.  I deleted everything except lp0.  At this point, the xpdq
workstation started working/printing, but the Red Hat station still did not

Sooooo... I figured that the print server must know something about the xpdq
workstation that it doesn't know about the Red Hat workstation.  I checked
"hosts.lpd", but  both workstations were there.  I then checked plain "hosts",
and found the xpdq workstation listed, but not the Red Hat.  I added the Red
Hat to "hosts" (on the print server), and it worked!

I don't quite understand why, maybe it has to do with the fact I am running
static IP addresses.  Anyway, it works.

Thanks for all your help!!!