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Re: [seul-edu] A quick report on LinuxWorld Expo.....

Hello Bill:

I got to LinuxWorld on Tuesday in the morning as I mentioned in my email
to you, however I couldnt find the booth, so I wondered around the show
looking for the booth until I had to go, since I had a Dr. appointment
in the late afternoon. 

I walked around and talked to people about the class, I found the booth
for the fax2send company and he said it was free for schools and gave me
a cd.  I got a chance to talk to a few people about the class.
I also went to the Sun booth and told them about the class, I got a free
"media kit" which includes their latest Solaris distribution, and I got
a free cd with Staroffice 5.2

Of course, I had to talk to the Linux magazines about supplying free
back issues for the students. Linux Journal had them mailed to the
school and we got them already. 

Mr. Jeff Arruda from VA Linux, had already contributed some books for
our class back in May.  If anyone has some Linux posters that they can
contribute, they would be appreciated for our classroom.

I purchased a few CD's from the Linux vendors. LinuxMall mailed free
CD's for class use.
We are grateful to everyone for helping to get the word out about Linux
and about our class in particular.

As of this morning the class is full (20) , and have started a waiting
list. Class doesn't start until Sept. 9th, so this is very gratifying
that the class will be a "go", as I was concerned that the class might
be cancelled due to lack of interest.

If there are enough students on the waiting list, we might start a
second class. If you know of anyone that might be interested , pls refer
them to our web pages or call the school: (650) 877-8844

Thanks to all for your help and support.

Emilio G. Milian

Bill Ries-Knight wrote:
> >  I am sorry I did not catch up with Milano, I was
> > looking forward to promoting his class.  There were a number of people
> > looking for solutions, and it is only now it runs through my head to
> > send them to you.
> This was supposed to read Emilio Milian and my brain was trying to sleep on
> me.    REALLY BAD on my part.  I'm Sorry
> Bill