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[seul-edu] Back from vacation!

Dear Seul Folks and Ray:

I am back at work at school, setting up our network with Linux
machines.   I am still trying to get the Linux machines to print to a Linux
print server -- but so far no luck.  Here is what
I know so far:

1) Both the print server and workstation can "ping" each other.
2) They both can access the internet.
3) I am using static IP addresses. (DNS is disabled)
4) I have used the Red Hat 6.2 "Printtool" to set up the print server.
5) I have also used the Red Hat "Printtool" 6.2 on one workstation, and
xpdq on another - neither work for printing to the network print server.
6) I have included the workstation name in hosts.lpd on the print server.
7) When I attempt to print from the workstation, I get the message
"Linux-10:waiting for queue to be enabled on Linux-36" in the print queue
(Linux-36 is the print server, Linux-10 is the workstation)
8) The print server can print to its own printer, and can also print to a
samba printer. 
9) The xpdq people say that xpdq cannot be set up as a print server, but
that lpd will work, and xpdq can send to a lpd station. 

The printcap Red Hat created for the print server is:


The printcap Red Hat created for the workstation is:

 :rp=/var/spool/lpd/lp:\                 (I also tried "rp=lp" here)

How do I enable the print queue??? Any suggestions would be greatly

Robert Maynord