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[seul-edu] Mandrake Distro.....

Thanks Eugene

I had a comfortable time in San Jose for the LW Expo.  MandrakeSoft
(Eugene) was also kind enough to pass along mutitudes of the Mandrake
7.1 gpl cd.  I have installed it sucessfully 5 out of 5 times, including
once on a K7-750 running Win2k and Win98  from Win98 (I get the NT boot
Dialog, I Select Windows 98, then a choice for Windows 98 or Linux is
given).  At this time, I think it is finding its way to my favorite list
due to it's ease of setup.  (One system has an otherwise unknown
integrated lan chip, but the system disk had a linux driver. I ran the
recommemded script, and the lan functioned on the next boot.)  I had no
issue with the Xserver configuration and sound is perfect.

To modify the look and feel of the system,  ther is a GUI panel clalled
DrakConf buried in the configuration menu under OTHER.  The DrakConf
panel is easy to handle minor configuration issues that often arise,
such as setting the clock

Humor Dept.
There is one oddity to take note of however....When going to configure
the time, MANY timezone locations are listed, Lots in Indiana and
Antarctica and minor nation locations.  Loa Angeles is there, but no
other place in California, and there are listings for places Dawson and

As the parent company is in So.Cal, I guess .........

Just a curiosity.