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Re: [seul-edu] Mandrake Distro.....

On Thu, 24 Aug 2000, Bill Ries-Knight wrote:

> Humor Dept.
> There is one oddity to take note of however....When going to configure
> the time, MANY timezone locations are listed, Lots in Indiana and
> Antarctica and minor nation locations.  Loa Angeles is there, but no
> other place in California, and there are listings for places Dawson and
> Dawson_Creek.

Can't speak for why Dawson is in there, but Dawson Creek is a smallish
town in Northeastern British Columbia that chooses to not participate in
Daylight Savings Time.  This means that for half of the year they are in
sync with British Columbia and half the year they are in sync with
Alberta.  There was actually a plebiscite in Dawson Creek a few years back
to secede from British Columbia and join Alberta.  Not sure if Alberta
would have taken them if the vote had passed.  :)

As far as I know, all of California is in the same time zone, so only one
city is listed. 

Steve Tonnesen
also in Northern British Columbia
but not in Dawson Creek  :)