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Re: [seul-edu] Mandrake Distro.....

"Eugene C." wrote:

> It was a pleasure to meet all of you at LWExpo, (San
> Jose, Ca).
> As usual my available time is shorter than expected,
> nevertheless I had some nice talk with most of you.

Yes, it was nice, but tooo busy.  Perhaps we can arrange for a visit to
No. Cal....talking to a few LUGS and some education  people.

> If I remember, I had a talk with Colette, Aaron, Jeff
> and Bill. I hope I did not forget anybody.
> They all did a great job.

Thank You.

> On the down side, I had the feeling you were
> understaffed. For two booth it was a lot of work for
> the team.

I agree, we are trying.

> Let's improve it for next time.
> Also, let me know if you would like to change
> anything.
> As an example, were the computers ok for the show ?

Eugene, The computers were all we could hope for.  As a "let us show
you" box, the only difference would have been larger monitors.
Performance was plenty good and more than adequate for  our needs.

> You are not the only one to mention the lag of some
> cities in the time zone locations. Thank you for your
> comment, it will help to improve the application.
>         Eugene

You missed my mention of Dawson Creek which only exists in the world of
BAD TELEVISION.  It's companion show was Hyperion Bay.  Really. (Think
Hyperion Water Treatment plant and Santa Monica Bay).

I think your team has too much fun.  It's a good thing.