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[seul-edu] Cafeteria Software...thanks!

Hey guys,

It's been a VERY long two days, and I'm sorry that I haven't been on
line at all.  We pulled the fiber yesterday after 14 hours of drilling
holes, putting pipe together, crawling in all kinds of spaces..... very

Anyway, I'm very overwhelmed by the response of all of you!  Thank you
so much.  I would be very willing to take any help we can get.  I
figured this couldn't be that hard.  Problem is, I'm just now getting
into MySQL and PHP is still on the list.  So I'm afraid I wouldn't be of
much help.

As for the requirements of the program, to the best of my knowledge,
there isn't much more than that.  The cafeteria would like to have a
screen (individual buttons I'm thinking) that allows them to select what
the student bought (lunch, candy bar, milk, etc.).  At the end of the
day, the will need to print out how many lunches sold (regular, reduced,
free) and the other stuff.  Of course this would keep a balance in each
student account then.  I'll list below everything I know it needs to do
and let me know Jacques, if you think you'd be up for it.  If that's the
case, then I'll get all the details from the cafeteria supervisor and
we'll go from there.  Again, thank you very much for even offering!
What an answer to prayer!

Needs to:
- Have a place to enter students with names, grades, and ID number
- Ability to add money to student accounts (for those paying ahead)
- One button for lunch that "knows" if the student gets free, reduced,
or one of two lunch prices (more if they charge, less if there's money
already in the account - as in paid ahead)
- then the other stuff needs to basically be a POS system.  If I hit 2
milks, I get $.70 and then "Cash" or something to add it into the days
money and items sold.
- Ability to see totals for day in different forms probably.  Total of
each thing sold.  Money taken in.  I'm not sure what else

Sincere Regards!
Ryan Booz
Tech Coordinator
Belleville Mennonite School