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Parents, teachers, and school administrators across the United
States are watching Polk County, Fl.'s Daniel Jenkins Academy,
the nation's first school to offer a completely online curriculum
in a classroom.  There will be no classroom teachers at Daniel
Jenkins Academy, although there will be counselors, school
facilitators, and resource teachers on hand to guide students,
and the online teachers will visit students periodically.   "The
whole idea is customizing education and services for students,"
says Carolyn Baldwin, area superintendent.  "No one wants a
one-size-fits-all curriculum anymore.  We need to be examining
what a child's needs are and designing education to meet those
needs," which can be accomplished much more easily with an online
school.  Daniel Jenkins Academy will admit 250 students in middle
and high school levels.  The learning environment will be paced
flexibly, with students having a larger input into when and what
they learn.  High school seniors will gain the opportunity to
obtain networking certification from the Cisco Academy.  Provided
that funding can be arranged, student enrollment will be raised
to 500 to 600 students by 2004. (Government Technology, Aug 2000)

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