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Re: [seul-edu] Mandrake Distro.....

Tonnesen Steve wrote:

> Can't speak for why Dawson is in there, but Dawson Creek is a smallish
> town in Northeastern British Columbia that chooses to not participate in
> Daylight Savings Time.  This means that for half of the year they are in
> sync with British Columbia and half the year they are in sync with
> Alberta.  There was actually a plebiscite in Dawson Creek a few years back
> to secede from British Columbia and join Alberta.  Not sure if Alberta
> would have taken them if the vote had passed.  :)
> As far as I know, all of California is in the same time zone, so only one
> city is listed.
> Steve Tonnesen
> also in Northern British Columbia
> but not in Dawson Creek  :)

My apologies then.  I made what may have been a poor  subject to find humor
in.  I was looking at the list, and in AMEICA it is Dawson and Dawson Creek.
My brain defaulted to the bad stuff about a tv show on a minor American TV

HUMBLY, I am reminded now to not make fun of what we THINK we understand.