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[seul-edu] e-mail content filtering

Is anyone here using, or even familar with, any Linux apps that do content
filtering on e-mail? I'm not particularly interested in scanning the content
of actual text; I'm more interested in a package that deletes (or neuters)
active content like html, VB scripts, and compiled executables. And I'm
looking for something that works at the server level, so a single mail
server can screen mail for an entire LAN/domain. Because of the need to scan
for html, something that deals only with attachments won't quite do.

When I search on this, all roads seem to lead to Active Guardian, an
abandoned Open Source app designed for schools, in which the e-mail filter
seems never actually to have been programmed. Any other leads?

I'm less interested in something that works out of the box than I am in
something where I can look at the source to get an idea of how to approach
the problem. But I'll take what I can get ... it need not be free (zero
price) to use as long as I can do (say) a 30-day free evaluation.

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