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Re: [seul-edu] e-mail content filtering

On Sat, 26 Aug 2000, Ray Olszewski wrote:

search on freshmeat.net - I saw such program several times

   search results (1 matches)
   #01: the Anomy mail sanitizer An efficient filter for sanitizing email
   >> date added: May 15th 2000
   >> category: Console/Firewall and Security
   >> license: GPL
   >> latest release: 1.25 on Aug 19th 2000

>Is anyone here using, or even familar with, any Linux apps that do content
>filtering on e-mail? I'm not particularly interested in scanning the content
>of actual text; I'm more interested in a package that deletes (or neuters)
>active content like html, VB scripts, and compiled executables. And I'm
>looking for something that works at the server level, so a single mail
>server can screen mail for an entire LAN/domain. Because of the need to scan
>for html, something that deals only with attachments won't quite do.

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