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Re: [seul-edu] Our presence at trade shows

On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Ray Olszewski wrote:
[ lots of truthful stuff snipped ]
> The last thing I want to see us to is write the sort of document that
> usually appears under the name MANIFESTO. We aren't proclaiming anything (or
> if we are, who would bother to listen to us?). What we are doing is both
> duller and more useful -- identifying ways in which something we know is a
> valuable resource can be used to address the widely recognized need to
> improve the process of education.

Nobody obligues that our MANIFESTO talks about abstract thing and
the general sense of life.

As a matter fact, without knowing you've composed an excellent
MANIFESTO for us. Your email with a slight tighter structure could
be our MANIFESTO... bad luck for a guy
 that doesn't like manifestos, :)

MANIFESTO = who we are + what we do (+ why we do it, if you
like a more verbose manifesto, the "why" may be interesting
for some people unware of the GPL world.)

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