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Re: [seul-edu] Our presence at trade shows

On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Ray Olszewski wrote:
> >As a matter fact, without knowing you've composed an excellent
> >MANIFESTO for us. Your email with a slight tighter structure could
> >be our MANIFESTO... bad luck for a guy
> > that doesn't like manifestos, :)
> Thanks for the kind words. But even if you are right, my own prior message
> here is a first-class example of the sort of writing that I think is useless
> to hand out at a trade show. If it be helpful at all, it is helpful in the
> context of stimulating and motivating discussion among people who already
> are familiar with Linux. For a document given to the uncommitted, the only
> possible sentence of value is the one where I restated our purpose in terms
> that focused on education rather than on Linux.

Well, first division : The uncommitted and the committed. So
we have a big Manifesto where we hold all our interests. A small
part of that Manifesto is extracted to be presented to the
uncommitted. When I say Manifesto, I say guides for us on which
information we should gather, when and how. And how to communicate
that info.

> educational setting, that I think we need to deliver when talking to
> teachers who only want to get the job done, and who couldn't care less
> whether the tools they use are based on Linux or Windows or Nintendo, except
> insofar as it affects their ability to teach well.

Well, in some places, money may make the difference, we need
 a cheap-upkeep-targetted Manifesto (again , another extract of
the bigger Manifesto).

> Something built on Doug's
> weekly reports is considerably more useful in this context than my blather
> (though they too have their limitations, of sorts I tried to suggest eariler).

But, we can't go to a show and say:"Hey, man, look at these 
URL's, they get the job done for you!" Any reasonable guy expects some
kind of presentation ( at least from my point of view), and some
kind of deal or relationship with somebody/some organization. We
need some of "corporate" image.

Manifesto ( the big ones, and the sub-manifestos) should be guides
on how present and organize the information every "customer wants"
and _how to identify the different customers/collaborators_ ?

Perhaps, we should read some "How to be a salesman in 30 days" books.

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