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Re: [seul-edu] What do teachers want in admin software?

At 03:24 PM 8/29/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Norbert Dejonge, who wrote Ggradebook
><http://ggradebook.sourceforge.net>, has expressed a concern that

>This is a stand-alone gradebook program for Linux.  How do the
>teachers on this list record student grades?  Do you use a computer
>for this purpose?  If so, do you use a stand-alone program or an
>integrated package that provides other functions (attendance,
>etc.)?  What might be the reason for the perceived lack of interest
>in this application?  

I am very interested in a gradebook program.

Our school uses a stand alone gradebook (Grade Machine) . Even though I am
the technology coordinator I do not use it because I also teach in several
different classrooms, with several different kinds of computers (Mac, Win
and Linux) and need flexibility. So I use a Paalm pilot with a spreadsheet
that I upload to a PC.

I would like a Web Based grade machine that is run on the server and can be
accessed from any platform with a web browser. I have tried starting one
with php/postgresql and then another with asp/msaccess .. but I am a self
taught amateur programmer who already works 2 jobs for one salary (not to
mention 4 kids at home :) ) ... so when the going gets tough, I cuddle up
with my youngest ...

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