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[seul-edu] What do teachers want in admin software?

Norbert Dejonge, who wrote Ggradebook
<http://ggradebook.sourceforge.net>, has expressed a concern that
his software is getting virtually no downloads.  I confess that I
don't have an answer for this, but I want to ask some questions
about it.

This is a stand-alone gradebook program for Linux.  How do the
teachers on this list record student grades?  Do you use a computer
for this purpose?  If so, do you use a stand-alone program or an
integrated package that provides other functions (attendance,
etc.)?  What might be the reason for the perceived lack of interest
in this application?  Norbert is interested in making this program
more desirable to teachers, but he's not sure just what features
would do that.  Let's try to come up with those features.

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