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Re: [seul-edu] Our presence at trade shows

On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Doug Loss wrote:
> we are essentially a virtual organization.  We have no actual
> physical or legal existence, so when it comes to putting in a
> real-world appearance anywhere we have to fall back on personal
> contributions by the individuals making the appearance or on
> donations by generous people or organizations (thanks, Eugene and
> Mandrake!).  Because of this we seem to be "reinventing the wheel"
> for every show.
> I'd like to get some discussion on what shows we should attend
> (worldwide), what kind of presentations we should put on, and how we
> should make all this happen.  It would be nice if we can develop

> defining your main points and staying on topic as much as possible
> when presenting information to the public.
> So what do you all have to say about this?

Well, what about these points ?
- Who we are?
- What do we do ? What can we offer you ?
- Which is our position in Linux world ?

We should have a kind of MANIFESTO explaining these points.
We should have a listing of local seul-org representatives or
seul-org friends  in every country
of world:
- To go to expos.
- To support material to those people going to expos ( It comes
to me things like :translations of speeches).
- To contact with other Linux organization and get mutual support. 

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