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[seul-edu] Comprehensive Student Management System

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the list as well.  I was recently invited on board to discuss the
possibility of developing some software.  In a recent discussion on Advogato 
(http://www.advogato.org) the topic of linux use in schools arose.

I have been a strong linux advocate for several years now.  I have been able
to use it in a server setting here in Washington County Virginia for quite
some time now.  However, as I see it, Linux needs one major application
in order to help seize the desktops of teachers in at least my county,
in addition to educational software.

I am aware of Ggradebook and it looks like a very nice application.  Howver,
here in my county, we are using a product from NCS called SASIxp.  I am sure
many of you have heard of it and/or use it.  Teachers can keep grades and 
attendance from their desktops.  All of the information is uploaded to the
central district server and data is distributed in that manner.

Our county would first require an application of this size in order
to even consider desktops in the classroom running linux.  Also, I can envision
many of the teachers refusing to move away from windows.  I can understand 
that.  What is needed is a truly cross platfrom application that can handle
data of this size and still be able to run on a Mac or a PC.  Linux is a 
relatively new OS for most of the teachers out there.  Many of them are
intimidated by Windows or MacOS as it is.

I understand that this is a monumental task.  I also know that I cannot 
manage a project of this size by myself.  So I ask of each of you if you can
and desire to help design and code this software.  I will be looking forward to
hearing from each of you.  I will also begin the initial phases of securing a
project listing on Sourceforge.  I am not too sure of a name for this project
but I hope some of you may have some ideas.

Thank you again.  Look forward to replies.

Chris Edwards
Computer/Network Technician
Washington County Virginia Public Schools