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Re: [seul-edu] Comprehensive Student Management System

I do not work in education, have several friends/relatives who do/did, so I
am in complete sympathy with the goals of projects like these.  Our school
systems can use quite a bit of help.

As for the design, its sounds a bit cliche-ish, but perhaps a web based
front end would be the best solution for this type of application?  By
definition, it would be cross platform, and would ease acceptance, I
believe.  School sysadmins would not have to install new desktops, or
support an unfamilair client.  Teachers would have a shallower learning


Chris: Thank you for taking on the responsibility of setting this up in
sourceforge.  I think a good place to start, once this is established, would
be to post an outline of the SASIxp system - that way we would have a
starting point for desing/code discussion.

Kevin Raybould

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Subject: [seul-edu] Comprehensive Student Management System

> Hi Everyone,
> I am new to the list as well.  I was recently invited on board to discuss
> possibility of developing some software.  In a recent discussion on
> (http://www.advogato.org) the topic of linux use in schools arose.
> I have been a strong linux advocate for several years now.  I have been
> to use it in a server setting here in Washington County Virginia for quite
> some time now.  However, as I see it, Linux needs one major application
> in order to help seize the desktops of teachers in at least my county,
> in addition to educational software.
> I am aware of Ggradebook and it looks like a very nice application.
> here in my county, we are using a product from NCS called SASIxp.  I am
> many of you have heard of it and/or use it.  Teachers can keep grades and
> attendance from their desktops.  All of the information is uploaded to the
> central district server and data is distributed in that manner.
> Our county would first require an application of this size in order
> to even consider desktops in the classroom running linux.  Also, I can
> many of the teachers refusing to move away from windows.  I can understand
> that.  What is needed is a truly cross platfrom application that can
> data of this size and still be able to run on a Mac or a PC.  Linux is a
> relatively new OS for most of the teachers out there.  Many of them are
> intimidated by Windows or MacOS as it is.
> I understand that this is a monumental task.  I also know that I cannot
> manage a project of this size by myself.  So I ask of each of you if you
> and desire to help design and code this software.  I will be looking
forward to
> hearing from each of you.  I will also begin the initial phases of
securing a
> project listing on Sourceforge.  I am not too sure of a name for this
> but I hope some of you may have some ideas.
> Thank you again.  Look forward to replies.
> Chris Edwards
> Computer/Network Technician
> Washington County Virginia Public Schools
> http://www.wcs.k12.va.us