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Re: [seul-edu] Comprehensive Student Management System

Kevin Raybould wrote:

> As for the design, its sounds a bit cliche-ish, but perhaps a web based
> front end would be the best solution for this type of application?  By
> definition, it would be cross platform, and would ease acceptance, I
> believe.  School sysadmins would not have to install new desktops, or
> support an unfamilair client.  Teachers would have a shallower learning
> curve.

This gets to something I've been thinking about recently.  We're working on
gaining acceptance for Linux in education.  If we put web-based front-ends on
everything we do, I think we may be relegating Linux to servers and back-end
systems, as we're removing the reason for having Linux on the desktop.  I think
it's probably a good idea to have such front ends, but I think it's also
important to have native Linux front-ends that are easier to use and perhaps
more fully featured.  I want to see Linux on the desktop, not just in the wiring
closet or the server farm.

> Chris: Thank you for taking on the responsibility of setting this up in
> sourceforge.  I think a good place to start, once this is established, would
> be to post an outline of the SASIxp system - that way we would have a
> starting point for desing/code discussion.

I agree.  Having an outline of the required features of the program going in
will be very helpful.

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