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Re: [seul-edu] Comprehensive Student Management System

Doug Loss wrote:

> This gets to something I've been thinking about recently.  We're working on
> gaining acceptance for Linux in education.  If we put web-based front-ends on
> everything we do, I think we may be relegating Linux to servers and back-end
> systems, as we're removing the reason for having Linux on the desktop.

Not necessarily (although I am sensitive to your argument).  It is still
possible -and I've started to sewe it here and there- of people who
write apps that operate locally but that you interface through a

As far as the desktop is concerned, I still think we have steps to go,
both with the types of apps made available, and with the desktop
itself.  Enlightenment/EFM is still (IMHO) closest to that goal. It has
the most malleable and open framework, and shows some real unique
methods to addressing the desktop, both from a usuablity and from a
feature standpoint.

IOW, 'We'll get there'.


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