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Re: [seul-edu] Comprehensive Student Management System

Dan Kubilos wrote:

> I already need to provide support for Macs WinX and NT
> workstations. Shouldn't we promote the most cost effective open standards
> based implementation of Linux (sorry to phrase that as a question _  I
> definitely think we should)
> > it's probably a good idea to have such front ends, but I think it's also
> > important to have native Linux front-ends that are easier to use and perhaps
> > more fully featured.  I want to see Linux on the desktop, not just in the wiring
> > closet or the server farm.
> I really don't care where it is as long as the reason I implement it makes
> sense.  Solid solutions will win over more users than solutions engineered
> with a certain marketing goal in mind.

Sorry, I worded that badly.  I want to see Linux considered for the desktop just like
Macs and Win, so I want to see native clients for Linux for this software.  I have
nothing at all against native clients for other platforms, but they aren't my
concern.  But going with only a web-based front-end obviates Linux's advantages by
bringing it down to the least common denominator.  For that reason I want to see X
clients for Linux.  If they're based on wxWindows or FOX for cross-platform
capability, I don't mind, but I don't think web browsers are the ultimate in user

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