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[seul-edu] Remote printing

To Whomever,,
    I am having a problem similar to the one Robert Maynord had a while back about setting up a classroom print server. Since this is a specialty request, if anyone can help please reply to me directly at prentice@instruction.com rather than cluttering up seul-edu.
    I am using a 486-66 as a print server for an HP Laserjet 4. It runs programs and prints directly to the printer just fine. However, when I try to print to the server from other machines on the network nothing happens.
    Linuxconf says that lpd is running. Following Robert's email thread, I tried "telnet teacher 515" (teacher is the server) from another machine and got
"malformed from address"
"connection closed by foreign host."
I then ran lpq on the server and got no entries. When I ran "lpc status lp" on teacher I got the messages  
queuing is enabled
printing is enabled
no entries
no daemon is present."
When I ran the same thing on a client I got
"remote: waiting for queue to be enabled on teacher."
I then tried
"ps ax | grep lpd" on the server and got the response
"472 ? S 0:08 lpd". 
I am using static IP addresses, and they all exist on the server in both hosts and hosts.lpd.
    Any suggestions on how to make the remotes print?
Dave Prentice