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Re: [seul-edu] Remote printing

See below.

At 11:34 PM 8/30/00 -0500, Dave Prentice wrote:
>To Whomever,,
>    I am having a problem similar to the one Robert Maynord had a 
>while back about setting up a classroom print server. Since this 
>is a specialty request, if anyone can help please reply to me 
>directly at prentice@instruction.com rather than cluttering up seul-edu.

I'm sorry but I can't (or, more candidly, won't) oblige you on this part.
Just as you found help from the last time this was discussed on the list,
the next person to look will find help only if your problem is discussed on
the list, not privately.

>    I am using a 486-66 as a print server for an HP Laserjet 4. It 
>runs programs and prints directly to the printer just fine. However, 
>when I try to print to the server from other machines on the network 
>nothing happens. 
>    Linuxconf says that lpd is running. Following Robert's email 
>thread, I tried "telnet teacher 515" (teacher is the server) from 
>another machine and got 
>"malformed from address"
>"connection closed by foreign host."

This is good. It is the right response from a machine that IS running lpd.

>I then ran lpq on the server and got no entries. When I ran "lpc 
>status lp" on teacher I got the messages  
>queuing is enabled
>printing is enabled
>no entries
>no daemon is present."
>When I ran the same thing on a client I got 
>"remote: waiting for queue to be enabled on teacher."

These two are puzzling. Could you provide three more pieces of information:

        1. How is the LaserJet 4 connected to the server?
        2. What is the entire /etc/printcap entry for lp: on teacher?
        3. What is the relevant /etc/printcap entry on a client?

>I then tried 
>"ps ax | grep lpd" on the server and got the response
>"472 ? S 0:08 lpd". 
>I am using static IP addresses, and they all exist on the server 
>in both hosts and hosts.lpd.
>    Any suggestions on how to make the remotes print? 
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