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[seul-edu] Interested in writing user-end documentation

Since this is my first post here, I suppose I should introduce my

I'm a sociology and communications student at university. I've been
using Linux consistently over the last 3 years and would rank my Linux
knowledge between intermediate and advanced. I'm interested in
contributing to the project because: 1) I've used Open Source programs
over the last few years; 2) the best way to increase the number of
users is through schools; and 3) cannot find paid work as a writer so
this will be an opportunity to add more experience on my resume.

I am particularly interested in writing end-user documentation (i.e.
for AbiWord and the other office programs). However, seeing that you
are also advocating using Linux in educational settings, I am also
interested in writing some persuasive pieces. 

So long as I can include my name on my work and I am not too bogged
down in school work, I will make a commitment at least in the short
term to write a few documents. 

I've noticed a few projects listed here:
http://www.seul.org/edu/docs/docprojects.html have no authors
assigned. Please let me know where my assistance is needed.