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Re: [seul-edu] Some ideas to consider

Apparently some school districts don't care. and would rather cut
teachers and after school activities then dare mess with the computer

Oddly enough, where i live now, they were 'consolidating' teachers, and
building new schools, but there was going to be budget restrictions,
causing delay of the start of school... but apparenly the state
government gave them quite a large budget. I know teachers here and that
isn't what it sounded like at all. And they won't even consider linux, i
think they use an AS400 system or something for their main servers. I
haven't approached them about such issues, but i hear them 2nd and 3rd
hand and doesn't seem like a very promising issue. I may encourage the
local LUG, which i am a member, to maybe start setting up a lab or
teaching times outside of the LUG meetings. at least to spread the love.  

I'm sure the SCO business isn't going to help this cause much. I hope
that will be over soon, but i have a bad feeling it will be drawn out a
couple more years. 
Jennifer Dozar