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Re: [seul-edu] New educational section in GNU

On Sat, 23 Dec 2000, Douglas Loss wrote:
> > We (me at least ) want to have a www.seul.org link in that
> > page.
> > As an educative game.
> > 
> I wouldn't mind that either, but I think the FSF has decided not
> to link to SEUL because of our occasional positive mentions of
> non-free software.  This is of course their choice; we'll still
> encourage them in any efforts to get Linux and Linux software
> into schools.

I think it's time to found a new site/project/org:


If the boat sinks, we'll drown in Windows. 
Surely, there's different opinions but the goals are quite the same.

Perhaps it's time to remind (once again ) that some of us just don't
like masters/leaders, even if they're named RMS or ESR or even Linus
Torvalds (perhaps that's why  Linus is such a superb leader, he
doesn't act like one of them, I think).

Another point is the hilarious situation they'll come to when they
have a page full of :

but the main page www.seul.org is not linked in that page.

Or are they going to ban *seul.org projects ? 

How much time will they keep "secret" that SEUL exists ? :))

Do they know what sinergy means ? 

Can this be expressed more clearly ?

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